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Your Happiness Is In Your Hands

I read this title and I wonder if you can honestly appreciate the powerful meaning behind this simple yet commonly used term “happiness”. Although a lot of people have their own definitions of what...


South African Dance Music In A Digital Age

It has been said that South Africans and, by extension, Africans are a very diverse group of cultures that don’t only celebrate this particular genre of music for its incredible healing powers, but its ability to unite people regardless of their gender, age, ethnicity, cultural background, and/or social status, among other things.


The Whole Story Behind The Title Of My Forthcoming Debut Studio Album

Since recovering from depression it mostly feels like everything is just exactly where it needs to be. I still don’t know how the universe (and by extension, GOD) has been making it happen, but it finally seems like everything is gradually coming together and that is why I chose to settle for this here title for my debut studio album.