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Throwback Thursdays Mix Series

Hi there! So, in the spirit of Throwback Thursday, and because Soundcloud removed my old mixes, I thought it would be a great idea to upload some of those old mixes (ones that I can dig up)...


Word for the Week: SAMRO

SAMRO, the Southern African Music Rights Organisation, is a copyright asset management society. It was established by the South African Copyright Act, and aims to protect the intellectual property of music creators by licensing...

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Word for the Week: Barcode

A barcode is a machine readable number (e.g. UPC code) used for various purposes in manufacture, retail and commercial use of CDs and Vinyl. Barcodes don’t just identify CDs at the counter, they are...

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Word for the Week: Broadcasting

The replaying of pre-recorded works to multiple listeners through various media or in a ‘semi-live’ setting such as a bar or bookstore, and including radio, TV, webcasting, podcasting, etc. Source: www.mubutv.com