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Word for the Week: Broadcasting

The replaying of pre-recorded works to multiple listeners through various media or in a ‘semi-live’ setting such as a bar or bookstore, and including radio, TV, webcasting, podcasting, etc. Source: www.mubutv.com


Word for the Week: Filesharing

Filesharing is the activity of trading digital files with other users over the internet. Users trade files by downloading (to obtain them) and uploading (to distribute them). This is illegal when copyrighted material is...


Word for the Week: Branding

Taking your band, music and image and creating something unique and sellable. Source: www.mubutv.com More about branding from DCC Studios : Why Branding is Important for DJs and Producers As musician or a producer, would...


You Can Find Sole Essential on YouTube & Google+

Hi there – Quick Note: In case you haven’t noticed yet, I have been quite active on YouTube and Google+ lately, so if you’re also on the platforms, please consider checking me out regularly. In the meantime though, you can checkout all...


Word for the Week: Arrangement

A modification of an existing composition. Arrangements can be copyrighted separately from the compositions they reference. When that happens, both the arranger and the composer receive royalties. One of the protections the copyright law...