Our Circle

Sole Essential is a multi-layered music and entertainment brand. The multifaceted brand offers an array of music, media and entertainment services and products.

One of the key services offerings is the official website which serves as a social community that recruits an armies of vocal advocates online and offline, to create forums for peer to peer sharing, to improve customer retention, to generate revenue growth, and amplify Sole Essential’s quality and heritage. In addition to Sole Essential, he owns the following two companies:

Good Agency

Good Agency is an independent full service creative agency  that specializes in creative brand design, integrated communications, and digital marketing, among other things.

With a focus on consumer behaviour, the multi-layered media venture plans, designs and develops integrated marketing communications strategies, and experiential brand activation programs that help individual brands, as well as companies, connect and communicate with their target audiences and potential customers effectively. You can visit the official website for more details and information here www.goodagency.co.za


PIKOKO CLOTHING, otherwise simply branded as PIKOKO, is an independent fashion lifestyle company based in the Vaal Region, in Gauteng, South Africa. Although, on the surface they connect the dots between music, fashion, art & creativity, at the core, they celebrate multiculturism by breaking social barriers, racial barriers and promoting community cohesion.

The brand’s focus is on simplicity and quality, which is mainly why our symbolic peacock bird and official trademarks, including PIKOKO Classic and PIKOKO Kiddies appear to be leaning more towards a (somewhat) minimalist style of design. PIKOKO’s products and services are a charming celebration of Africa’s cultural diversity, and modern pop culture. Aside from being clean, fresh and simple, they are visual demonstrations of our roots and more representative of who we are today. You can visit the official website for more details and information here www.pikoko.co.za