Sole Essential Trademarks

While Sole Essential holds a wide range of online and offline properties, the trademarks listed below are simultaneously managed by his independent media venture, Good Agency Company (Pty) Ltd:


Sole Essential Notes is a multilayered interactive e-magazine that celebrates modern African music, food, fashion and popular culture. It is a refreshingly realistic documentation of his personal and business journey. While some of the content mirrors articles which are found on the blog, readers can also find a great selection of unvarnished opinions, short and exclusive interviews, and educational pieces written by local and international industry leaders.


Sole Essential Recorded is a one hour-long monthly podcast series that is dedicated to showcasing the hottest afro-house records. Focused squarely on the African continent, the programme intends to bridge the gap between the mainstream and underground circuit.


Sole Essential Cookout is an experiential brand activation program and excellent outdoor culinary experience that was designed to celebrate various African Cultures through Food, Music, Fashion, Cooking Workshops, and Discussions, among other things.


Sole Essential Mixed is a web-only audio program and podcast series that primarily focuses on deep house, house, nu-disco and vocal house music. This one-hour long presentation also features underground melodies that are perfect for dance music enthusiasts who appreciate listening to the deeper sounds of house music.


Sole Essential Live is a multifaceted pop-up programme that explores the foundations & future of music monetization in the digital age. The dance music oriented presentation features a great selection of in-depth interviews with top music industry professionals, as well as the latest up-to-date news on all things house. Captivating subjects such as content marketing, brand positioning, reputation management, and copyright laws will be explored.